Who Pays for Our Services?

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Hospice of Alabama’s care is fully covered by Medicare and Medicaid, in which case patients pay nothing… ever.

Hospice of Alabama care is provided by your hospice team based upon what is called a ‘plan of care.’ That plan will determine the number of visits based on the needs of you and your family. This is why the care - medical, emotional and spiritual – associated with your hospice diagnosis is fully covered under the Medicare and Medicaid hospice benefit.

Hospice of Alabama also works with a extensive list of private insurers.


  • Covers extensive collection of interdisciplinary services plus all medications, medical supplies and medical equipment related to the hospice diagnosis
  • Includes routine home care, general inpatient care, respite care and continuous care
  • If Medicare is being billed for hospice care, patients can still bill Medicare Part A for any unrelated and pre-existing issues

Hospice of Alabama is certified by Medicare. People over the age of 65 who are entitled to the services offered by the Medicare Hospice Benefit are fully covered for all of the care related to the terminal illness (and related illness) that is determined medically necessary by the hospice physician.


  • Most Medicaid services are known as a “mirror” benefits
  • If patients reside in a nursing facility, the facility will continue to receive room and board reimbursements if hospice is chosen

Private Insurance

  • If patients do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, private insurance will often cover the associated expenses
  • Hospice of Alabama works with a large and growing number of insurers
  • Referrals require prior authorization for hospice services, with which Hospice of Alabama can help

No one is denied service because of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, diagnosis, or inability to pay for services provided.

As a Hospice of Alabama Patient, can I Choose to Stop Receiving Services?

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Yes. Sometimes a patient’s health improves or their illness goes into remission. Your physician or our Medical Director may feel that you no longer qualify for our care. Also, as a Hospice of Alabama patient, you may choose to stop receiving care for any reason. If you stop your care, you will receive the type of insurance coverage that you had before electing Hospice of Alabama’s care, such as the Original Medicare or Medicaid Plan or a Medicare+Choice Plan. If you are eligible, you can return, electing to receive care from Hospice of Alabama at any time.